Some golf course superintendents take a measure of clipping yield at each mowing. I wanted to look at those data for these reasons:

  1. to see how yield is affected by temperature
  2. to see how yield is affected by growth potential (GP)
  3. to see if GP assumptions in growth can be detected by combining data from multiple sites

Golf course superintendents shared data with me from 5 locations:

  1. Canada, cool-season grass
  2. Japan, warm-season grass
  3. Japan, cool-season grass
  4. New Zealand site 1, cool-season grass
  5. New Zealand site 2, cool-season grass

What I’ve done here is rough, but I find it quite interesting. Please keep these things in mind when looking at the results:

Charts by location

These plots look at the GP and the yield, both on a scale of 0 to 1, across time, on a site by site basis. I wanted to see how the clipping yield was related to the GP. For the warm-season grass in Japan, the clipping yield and the GP track pretty closely, more so than the clipping yield and the temperature.

plot of chunk keya1plot of chunk keya1

For cool-season grass in Japan, the GP and the yield have a similar trend, but the yield tracks with temperature even more cleanly.